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Achieve your ambitions and assure your clientele of your commitment to their assets. Swiss-Asia’s Wealth Management Platform facilitates the ambitions of entrepreneurially-minded Independent Asset Managers. Leverage our continued position in the global market to access preferential connections with over 80 private banks and brokers, minimising time-consuming administration tasks and further developing trust dynamics between you and your clients.

Stay Up to Date Across All Major Asset Classes

The Swiss-Asia Investment Advisory desk shares the latest market news highlights and insights, including active buy and sell ideas, sourcing only the most relevant and reliable information from global and local financial sources.

Is Swiss-Asia’s Wealth Management Platform Right for You?

Scale your independent wealth management activity on our platform without the high costs and barriers associated starting from scratch. Our robust infrastructure and diverse network is designed to open doors to rewarding opportunities, ensuring your focus doesn’t waver from delivering comprehensive wealth management strategies and services to your clients.

Boost Your Asset Management Methodology with:

Primary and Secondary Research & News Highlights

Administrative Support

Compliance Monitoring and Updates

Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis and Advice

Access to Major Bank Offerings

Remote Operations Team


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Real-time Online Access

Full Credit Facilities Access

Security & solid counterparty


Specialist Network of Advisors


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