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Wealth Management Platform

Break away from traditional financial institutions with Swiss-Asia’s Wealth Management platform. Draw on over 30 banks and brokers worldwide, leveraging our sophisticated in-house advisory desk to produce innovative trading strategies across all asset classes.

Take the next step and achieve a competitive advantage with our market-leading platform, accessing the full breadth and depth of all major private banks’ platforms and offerings.

Fund Management Platform

Become authentically agile with our market-leading and cost-effective fund management platform. Swiss-Asia nurtures entrepreneurial fund managers wishing to set up new fund structures, empowering them to access a wide range of strategies and asset classes with autonomy and support.

Our industry-changing technology maintains accurate historical records and sophisticated workflow automations, while ensuring results are entirely compliant post-trade.

Vendor neutral order & execution management systems integration

Maintain accurate historical records of positions & transactions

Manage portfolios and produce investor reports

Analyse and report historical performance


Private Label Funds


Global Custody Accounts

Singapore 13X Incentive Scheme

Family Office

At Swiss-Asia Financial Service, we do not discriminate between large institutions and family offices. We believe quality is predicated on results, and smaller business are in the position to supply agile, innovative and proven services within the Finance Industry. Our family office specialists understand the unique requirement of Family Offices and HNWI, supplying qualified advice on private label funds, managed accounts, global custody accounts and the Singapore 13X Incentive Scheme.

Enhance your investment performance today with our service provider-agnostic financial services.

Arranging of Life Policies

Swiss-Asia Financial Services advises on any life insurance products that are issued by registered insurers and with whom we have an existing agreement. We may advise our clients to purchase life policies from unregistered overseas insurers only upon approval of the MAS. Life insurance products could entail products such as whole life insurance, term insurance, endowment insurance, life annuity, investment-linked insurance and universal life insurance. We are also permitted to arrange insurance covers for our clients alongside dispensation of any advice relating to such insurance coverage.

Swiss Asia

Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte Ltd Singapore holds a Capital Markets Services (CMS) License under the Singapore Securities and Futures Act (SFA) to conduct regulated activities in Fund Management and Advisory for accredited investors, in addition to the Securities and Futures Ordinance from the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong (CMS license, Fund Management Type 9 and Advisory Type 4).


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