Q1-2018 Swiss-Asia Communication

24th APRIL 2018

Q1-2018 has started off well with 2 new Fund launches and 1 AMC. We have a very strong pipeline of Fund Managers and Wealth Managers for the year and we are working very hard to bring them to market as soon as possible. We will have a good year of new and exciting announcements.


While we observed a mixture of returns in March, quite a few of the top performers had a good start to the year. Judah, an Asian activist leads the pack with a YTD of 45.65% this year. Rare Metals Fund continues its strong end to last year, up 6.41%. LTCP which launched in January this year is a long-only strategy up roughly 5.50%. Consistent performers like Sunspur, Ddraig, Inclusif, and Interlink have stayed afloat, continuing their good form since 2017. The Football Finance Note is also off to a decent start in 2018, up 1.10%. Salmon’s tail-risk hedging has done well, allowing the strategy to remain positive despite strong headwinds. It’s currently up with YTD of 0.21%. AVM Global has bounced back to deliver 0.06% for March, bringing YTD to -0.20% as of end-March. We expect both strategies, like other macro funds to deliver again in 2018.


We are happy to announce that we hosted our Fifth Capital Introduction event at the Tower Club in Singapore on the 25th of April 2018. Eight Managers showcased and talked to investors about their strategies.


LTCP SP (Caishen SP SG)

1st January 2018. The Fund intends to adopt a predominately long‐only, bottom‐up, value‐based niche equity strategy, with a truly global focus. Furthermore, it is expected that a dual strategy will be used that combines individual high‐conviction positions that carry relatively large portfolio weights, with basketed value strategies that typically involve a larger number of smaller holdings. Stocks are typically selected through individual bottom‐up security analysis, complemented by the use of quant tools and mindfulness of various top‐down, currency, and technical market factors. Lyall Taylor is the Portfolio Manager and founding investor in the Fund. Prior to joining Swiss-Asia Financial Services, Lyall worked as an Equity Research Analyst for Macquarie Group from 2006‐16 in Macquarie’s Auckland and Jakarta offices, and was most recently Macquarie’s Indonesian Head of Research, Banks Analyst, and Strategist. In addition to his professional experience, Lyall has been successfully investing his own and friends and family funds in equity markets since 2000, and therefore brings nearly two decades of hands-on portfolio management experience to the role.


1ST February 2018. Kennie Atle Johansen and his team Eunice Cheng and Taehong Kim who were announced as new arrivals in our Q4-2017 Newsletter have successfully launched their Strategy. The Long Short Market Neutral Strategy aims to deliver high risk-adjusted returns with low volatility. It will invest in equities across the entire Asia Pacific region. The strategy has launched with $110 million in assets as planned. Using a systematic fundamental approach, the strategy holds an average of 2000 equity positions out of a universe of approximately 8,500 tradable stocks in Asia Pacific. Kennie and his team have over 10 years of experience in the Asian hedge fund space, having previously held key positions at WorldQuant/Millennium Capital (HK) and Société Générale (HK).


Stallion Performance Index

1st February 2018 – In collaboration with Leonteq, we have launched 1 AMC in Q4. The index follows an absolute return strategy and consists of mainly US/UK listed equities, US ETF’s, and trading of Foreign Currencies. Main equity markets will be NYSE, NASDAQ, NYSE ARCA and LSE (London Stock Exchange). The index may tactically take on short positions mainly in US stocks. 50% of the portfolio will be used for equity trades and 50% will be used for FX trading. The underlying holdings of the equities are selected by using a combination of fundamental and technical criteria. Swing trading setups are used to go long or short a stock once the fundamental criteria are met. FX trading is mainly based on price action setups. The Manager of the Stallion Performance Index is Raji Phichitsingh who joined Swiss-Asia in late 2017.


We will be announcing some exciting news in this section in Q2-2018.


The registration with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) has been successful and Swiss-Asia Asset Management (HK) Limited is now formally a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) with the SEC. This registration allows Swiss-Asia to cater to a diversity of US-based clients which include institutional and professional clients that are based in and operate out of the USA.

Swiss-Asia Financial Services Pte Ltd has also successfully registered as a Commodity Pool Operator (“CPO”) with the CFTC in the USA.

We look forward to announcing more exciting news next quarter.

On behalf of Swiss-Asia, we wish you all a great Q2-2018 !