Swiss-Asia posts a strong Q3-2015

October 6, 2015

Swiss-Asia has posted a strong Q3-2015 with the addition of 5 Funds to it’s platform in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Sea Capital: The Fund is a sector specialist long / short fund, with a core focus in the offshore and marine, oil and gas, energy and shipping sectors. Per Didrik Leivdal is the Portfolio Manager of the Fund.

Khan Mongolia Fund: The Fund’s investment objective is to capture the opportunities for growth offered by the expanding Mongolian economy by investing primarily in equity securities of Mongolia companies. Swiss-Asia is advised by Khan Investment Management and will be entrusted with the management of the Fund.

TGCC: The Fund aims to generate consistent long-term attractive absolute return and also current income through prudent investment risk-adjusted long and short position in a wide range of futures contracts, options on futures contracts, exchange for physical transactions and other instruments on exchanges and markets. The trading deployed by the proprietary model to reach this objective will be through systematic trading, directly and indirectly, of Commodity Interests on exchanges and markets. KK Chua and Sze Meng Tan are the portfolio Managers of the Fund.

AlgoTrend: (HONG KONG) The Fund is trading a momentum-driven strategy, taking advantage of patterns and biases found in the market. All strategies are intraday, low frequency, non-latency sensitive, scalable and fully automatized algorithms in the Korea market. Julien Moisson is the portfolio Manager of the Fund.

Shenton Global Dividend (Under an Actively Managed Certificate structure (“AMC”): A Wealth Manager under our Wealth Management division has decided to launch the Shenton Global Dividend AMC which replicates investments in high dividend stocks, high yield bonds and other related securities but with primary focus on blue-chip names in developed markets. The AMC adopts a nimble approach, actively managing asset allocation, with a macro overlay. The AMC aims to achieve a return over the medium term with lower volatility than the MSCI World Index and an attractive dividend cushion, in down markets.

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