Q2-2017 Swiss-Asia Communication

14th July 2017

Q2-2017 was a quarter with a few surprises, on the Bull Side we signed on quite a number of new Managers on both the Wealth Management side as well as the Fund Management. On the Bear Side, we are also unfortunately preparing a few departures which were announced to us during the quarter. In short, a hectic Bull-Bear quarter leading into Q3 which promises to be very eventful.


Bear Versus Bull – Who will Prevail?

In a quarter which saw geopolitical risk rage in North Asia, a Fed rate hike as well as election uncertainty grip France and the UK, Swiss-Asia ‘s funds ended Q2 2017 with some strong numbers. Prulev Global has held steady, generating YTD of roughly 20% despite the recent drawdown in June.

Various long only strategies like Agathis and Heritage Global yielded 9.80% and 8.17% respectively in what was a decent quarter for both. Shanti IndiAsean, another long only fund with exposure to Indian and ASEAN equity markets performed very well, up nearly 20%.

Other seasoned new guys on the block and top performers like Ddraig and Salmon Global returned 10.88% and 8.20%, despite negative returns in June. AVM Global continued its rally of positive performance this year, ending up 11.78%.


One major and notable event was the spin out of the Credence Global fund. During their time on the Swiss-Asia platform, the Credence team have taken the time to build a solid team in HK and Shenzhen and decided that it was time for them to spin out and manage the fund operations on their own. This was done seamlessly and smoothly. We wish the Credence/Splendor team all the success for the future.

On the Bear Side we received the unfortunate news that two funds that have been operating on the platform for over two years have made the very difficult decision to discontinue and return all the money to investors. We will elaborate further on this in the Q3 communication.

On the Bull Side, during Q2, the Fund onboarding and operations team were quite busy preparing for the launch of the Inclusif Value Fund and ARK for the 1st of July 2017. They are also very busy preparing for the launch of a few other funds that are in the pipeline in Q3. We will of course elaborate on all these new funds in detail in our Q3-2017 update.


Closer to the end of September, do watch out for our Hong Kong chapters of the Capital Introduction event along with our famous Fundies Networking event.



  • Lawrence Pang joins Swiss-Asia on the 4th of May 2017 with 23 years of strong Financial and Banking Experience. His latest stint was with Julius Baer as an Executive Director servicing ultra high net worth clients. He joined Julius Baer when the latter acquired Merrill Lynch in 2013. Prior to that Lawrence had diverse leading roles with Citibank, UOB, OCBC and on the SIMEX Trading Floor as an official.
  • Su Peng Goh joined us on the 1st of May 2017 from Standard Chartered Bank where she was responsible for client relationship development with the Greater China Team. Prior to that Su Peng was a relationship manager with Julius Baer Singapore and UBS AG.

Hong Kong;

  • Lucy Gazmararian joined Swiss-Asia from Credit Suisse on the 15th of April 2017. Lucy was previously a Senior Investment Consultant for Southeast Asia & Middle East private clients. Prior to Credit Suisse, Lucy was Head of Investment Advisory for UK & Channel Islands with Kleinwort Benson Private Bank and before that Head of Global Fixed Income Product Management (EMEA) for Goldman Sachs Asset Management.



  • Su Peng Goh – 1st May 2017 as described above.
  • Hooi Ling Teh joined Swiss-Asia as Principal Portfolio Manager from Aggregate Asset Management on the 1st May 2017 to launch of the Inclusif Value Fund. She was later joined by Seng Hong Lau on the 7th June 2017. Seng Hong will second Hooi Ling.
  • Dan Dan Xu – 2nd May 2017 joins the Salmon Global team as Analyst.
  • Lawrence Pang – 4th May 2017 as described above.
  • Robert Campkin joined on the 5th of April to prepare the launch of the Whiteridge Real Estate Fund. Rob was joins Swiss-Asia with 20 years of Real Estate experience. Rob was previously with Pepper Property, JLL and DTZ all in Singapore. Prior to coming to Asia was with diverse international Real Estate groups in London. Rob has recently, hired Jason Ong (1st of June 2017) to complement and strenthen the Whiteridge team.


  • Anson Guo Hoakun has joined Swiss-Asia on the 10th of April from JP Morgan to launch the Kairos Fund.
  • Lucy Gazmarian – 17th April as described above.


Swiss-Asia Research and Advisory Mobile App

As promised in Q4-2016, we have finally launched our in-house Research and Advisory APP on both Android and iPhone. Rather than distributing the material via e-mail, as many research houses do, the Swiss-Asia App provides managers and clients with the latest market insights and conviction lists.

To download and register please Search for “Swiss Asia” on the Android/Apple App Store and download the Swiss Asia App. Launch the app and register as a new user, filling up the form with the required information. Upon submission, you will receive a verification email. Go to your email and click on the link to complete the registration. We will send you a password once we have verified and approved your application (within 1 to 2 business days). Please do not hesitate to invite your clients to use the APP if you deem appropriate.


Ethics/ Professional Conduct: Professional conduct has to be underpinned by a strong sense of ethics and values, and extends beyond compliance with rules and regulations. It is important for all to adopt a values-based approach, and to inculcate a general culture that recognizes and rewards professional conduct to build and maintain trust and strong client and business relationships. Regulators are focused on ensuring that the tone from the top is strong and implementation and effectiveness needs to extend within the entirety of our organization’s. It is essential to remain honest and diligent in the execution of our duties at all times.

We look forward to a Bullish Q3-2017, have a great summer break ahead!

Steve Knabl