Q2-2016 Swiss-Asia Update

1st August 2016

Dear Readers,

Q2 2016 was busy building the bases for Q3. Business that was acquired in Q1 has been materializing in early Q3. Q2 was a welcome break for the team to consolidate on the successes of 2015. The second half of 2016 will be rich in changes for the firm as we will see new fund formations and new wealth managers join as well as closures and departures.


We held our first Capital Introduction event at the Tower Club in Singapore in April. It was a great success. We saw over 50 attendees that showed great interest in the 6 funds that were presented. Credence, Prulev, Salmon, Insitor, TGCC and Football Finance Note, were all present to meet the Singapore Investor community that ranged from private individuals to sovereign wealth funds.

On the back of this successful event, we have decided to launch the Hong Kong version on the 5th of October 2016.

Please visit http://www.swissasia-group.com/events/#form and enter your credentials so that we can keep you posted on all the new developments. commodity market sector in which it was trading has not been in favor and the situation would continue for an unforeseen period of time. The Portfolio Manager, Per Didrik Leivdal will be tending to his Corporate Finance business until he sees opportunities again in the shipping and commodity sector.


Francesca Massone ceased operating her FX strategy and is taking a break for the rest of the year to asses her next steps.


On the Wealth Management Platform we have signed on two new Wealth Managers which we will be announcing and presenting formally in our Q3 – 2016 Communication.


On the Marketing and public relations side we held a Round table at the first HFM Operational Leaders Summit in Singapore. The roundtable theme was on how to build up your firm and manage growth or its downsizing. It was a successful event that saw over 150 C-level attendees from the Hedge Fund industry. Visit https://hfm.global/events/ for more information on past and future events organized by HFM.

We are also actively present at all HUBBIS Wealth Management events in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Manila to speak about the development of External Wealth Management in Asia. Visit http://www.hubbis.com/mainEvent/index.php for more information on the Hubbis Events.

In the interim, we hope that you all had great and relaxing summer Break and for those who have not yet left we wish you a well deserved relaxing break.

Stay tuned for an exciting second half of 2016 !