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Q2-2018 Swiss-Asia Communication

Looking back, Q2-2018 has been a quarter full of challenges for the Swiss-Asia Fund Platform. We finally managed to launch a Crypto-Currency Hedge Fund after many months of moving goal posts and roadblocks.(…)

Q1-2018 Swiss-Asia Communication

Q1-2018 has started off well with 2 new Fund launches and 1 AMC. We have a very strong pipeline of Fund Managers and Wealth Managers for the year and we are working very hard to bring them to market as soon as possible. We will have a good year of new and exciting announcements.(…)

Q1-2016 Swiss-Asia Update

Q1 2016 was poised to be a quiet start for Swiss-Asia, but we actually saw an acceleration of new business in the month of March. This makes it a very exciting start to the year.(…)

Q2-2016 Swiss-Asia Update

Q2 2016 was busy building the bases for Q3. Business that was acquired in Q1 has been materializing in early Q3. Q2 was a welcome break for the team to consolidate on the successes of 2015.(…)